Thursday, June 25, 2009


Castrol helped get the summer off to a blazing start when the premium engine oil maker put on a special auto show and drive-in screening of car thriller The Fast and the Furious at the MC Home Depot Rooftop at the Fort recently.

The event was part of Castrol’s ongoing promotions for Castrol EDGE as the official oil of Fast and Furious 4, the blockbuster 4th installment to the immensely popular movie series, which premiered globally last week. Castrol EDGE is a new line of fully synthetic enine oils that guarantees top performance for your car.

Starting off the night was the special auto show which featured 82 souped-up high-performance tuner vehicles from many of the best car clubs and organizations in Metro Manila, including Team Rage, Accord Tunerz, Girl Racer Club, and others.

Partygoers were given the special chance to meet and mingle with celebrity motoring aficionados who joined the celebrations, including actress and former Hot Babe Andrea del Rosario, as well as fitness model and beauty queen Tisha Silang and her model boyfriend Geoff Rodriguez.

Silang and Rodriguez, who were featured prominently as top three finalists in last year’s The Amazing Race Asia, said they were particularly excited about the car show.

“We’re big car fans so it’s a real treat for us to be here,” said Silang. “Some of the rides we saw at the show were just incredible. We’re really hyped to see the movie as well.”

“I definitely picked up some great ideas for my own car,” added Rodriguez.

International rock band The Speaks, who have a song featured on the soundtrack of Fast and Furious 4, were also on hand to sign autographs at the party.

Visitors were also given the chance to get their cars washed by curvy FHM models clad in red hot summer attire.

The partnership between Castrol and the makers of Fast and Furious 4 should come as no surprise. Backed by over 100 years of expertise in premier car lubricant technology, Castrol EDGE is the perfect fit for the movie, which is a street racing junkie’s dream. Castrol EDGE delivers maximum horsepower and lasts 45% longer than standard engine oils. It also provides optimal thermal stability and maximum engine protection.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

guys that hunt me!

I just want to reiterate the wonder of these social sites. Because of these sites I found these following gorgeous people:

I just love sleeping and wake up with this guy every morning.

He drives me crazy.

Haaay. Can I just be the underwear of this model.

Of course, I can't ignore the beauty of these mixed with Brazilian blood raises:

These are the photos coming from Beautiful Gay Men Body from which I'm a fan of in Facebook.

On top of it, this guy makes me really really really crazy:

Leandro Okabe

Haaaaay! a daily doze of libido. They absolutely give lust to all of us. And probably wishes to gain love from this kind of species. And definitely, I will not tell them to get lost. hehehehe.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

the webcam poser and the ad agency guy

Sometimes it is very interesting to find people on social websites like facebook, friendster, my space, etc. And when you take a look at their profiles, it is quite amazing that they post the best photos that they have or even the worst. Or even showing their naked glory. Or you will find out that it is not their own photos.

I tried visiting this "gay social site" one morning when two of my officemates from which we live at the same house were still sleeping, I stumble to this guy named "pick_upper". I click on the webcam icon then wahlah, he was showing his tool in front of the camera jerking off so early in the morning. At first, it is quite enjoying but when he finished he shared " okay guys sige na bye na. have to take a bath, para makapasok na ako sa office ko sa... (let's just say "ad agency")". When I read the name of the agency, it occurred to me that I have a lot of friends working there and even one of my professor way back in college is working there too. So I said to him, " 'AD AGENCY'? I have a lot if friends there!" Then he said, "SHET! Please walang makakaalam ng mga ginawa ko dito and after nitong usapan na ito, kalimutan na natin toh. Maraming mawawala sa akin. Bakit anu ka ba?" I asked, "Bakit ikaw? media planner ka dun noh?" He did not confirmed nor denied his designation pero "hule ka balbon" ang drama ko! hehehehehe. Then he asked me, "Ikaw media planner ka rin ba?" then I said, "Yes, in an ad agency in Quezon City." Then he said, "Ah, Quezon City, I know a lot of agencies there in QC, namely, MPAS, IdeaAct and (let's name it "ad agency 2") "ad agency 2". Then, I'm shocked when he said "ad agency 2". So I did a little thinking, how does he know about "ad agency 2"? Then I asked him about it and he did not reply. I think he figured out that I am working in "ad agency 2". He just said, "Sige na, bye na. BTW my name is J_ _ ." Then our conversation ended.

Due to my curiosity, I searched his name in facebook and wahlah again, I got him. Just to make sure, I matched the photos posted on the gay social networking site and the photos posted on his facebook. And guess what, it's a perfect match. hehehe. So I sent a message to him , saying that his secret is safe with me. And he shouldn't worry about it too much. And then I received a reply. He said that he doesn't know what I am talking about. And he haven't heard of that gay social site ever. It came to me that it seems he is trying to play a game and establishing that he must portray that he do not have anything to do with what happened that morning.

So I sent a message through facebook chat and he answered promptly. And it seems like he has really no idea with what happened. Nothing at all. So I figured that someone uses his photos, name and identity just to get the attention of the other chatters to watch him do a show. I event asked if how many boys are there in their house that is living with him that knows his whereabouts. Then he said there are 3 other boys in the house with him and might doing those things to him. And he actually bought that idea. He also expressed that his webcam at the house is busted. Then doubts started to come in. So I kind a assumed that he is telling the truth.

He haven't even heard the name of my ad agency, "ad agency 2". (Thank God!)

I can say that this guy is really cute that is why I am so eager to right a blog about my morning adventure with him. He has a stable job. But kind a off with the webcam show thing (if he is really the one on the cam).

Actually, none of those matters now. We are friends on facebook and talk a lot about our personal lives. He trust me, I trust him. A new found friend by accident. Thanks to the poser (who ever that is) for giving lust and lead me to "J_ _". Thanks to "J_ _" for gaining love of a friend. And sorry again for the poser who should get lost.